What is the gifted institute?

Over the past few decades, Gifted Institute provided the opportunity for educators to learn from experts in the field who shared research-based information with practical application.  Over 200 teachers gathered each year because of their interest in gifted education and their desire to continue to grow as educators.  Such educational leaders as Dr. Sandra Kaplan, Dr. Jim Delisle, Dr. Joe Renzulli, and Dr. Joyce Juntune, who seldom come to West Texas, shared their expertise and knowledge that helped educators learn foundational knowledge and current trends in Advanced Academics.  In addition, creative and engaging presenters like Ian Byrd, Lisa Van Gemert, Dr. Cecelia Boswell, JJ Colburn, and Dr. Christopher, herself, shared engaging activities that allowed teachers to make direct application to their schools and classrooms.  The opportunity continues to grow and includes teachers outside the local area who travel to the event each year. This year, Gifted Institute will be an interactive virtual conference allowing more educators to participate. What a wonderful opportunity that will continue each year!

Showreel 2020

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What Happened At Gifted Institute 2021?

Colin Seale, Founder/CEO of thinkLaw, helps educators teach critical thinking through the lens of fairy tales and case law, depending on the students’ ages. His book, Thinking Like a Lawyer: A Framework for Teaching Critical Thinking to All Students merged his prior work as a teacher and lawyer with his passion to provide educational opportunities like those in gifted and talented courses in a specialized high school he attended in Brooklyn.

What Happened for Gifted Institute 2020?

Social/Emotional Needs of Gifted Students

After the lockdown for COVID-19, CGL Consulting, LLC, quickly pivoted Gifted Institute from a direct teaching experience to an interactive, virtual conference with Lisa Van Gemert, an expert in online design and delivery and gifted education.  She explored the special needs of gifted students and provide a wealth of ways students and teachers can strengthen gifted learners socially and emotionally.  At different points, participants met in breakout rooms with teachers in and outside of their schools to practice and apply these strategies. In addition, CGL provided self-care activities of mindfulness and yoga for teacher and student use.  This event offered interactive experience unlike many other online learning experiences.

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Past Gifted Institute Conference Topics


Ian Byrd, Curiouser and Curiouser: Digging in to Curiosity


Dr. Cecelia Boswell, Dr. Mary Christopher, and JJ Colburn, Leader Stories: Developing Leadership Capacity in Advanced/Gifted Students


Dr. Kim Dodds-Keran, Incorporating Depth and Complexity into Instructional Practices


Dr. Brian Housand, From Curious to Creative: Technology and Today’s Gifted Students


Dr. Joyce Juntune, Understanding and Serving Gifted Students Raised in Poverty


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Selected Presentations Related to Leadership and Higher Education

Developing the Art of Reframing as Educational Leaders, TAGT GiftED19 Conference, San Antonio, 2019
Developing the Art of Reframing as Educational Leaders, TEPSA Conference, Austin, 2019
Developing the Art of Reframing as Educational Leaders, TAGT Leadership Conference, Round Rock, 2019
Leadership in the Gifted Classroom, TAGT GiftED18 Conference, Fort Worth, 2018
Being Intentional: Developing Leadership in Gifted Learners, TAGT GiftED18 Conference, Fort Worth, 2018
Leader Stories: Reframing Leadership in Advanced and Gifted Learners, NAGC Annual Conference, Minneapolis, 2018
GT Chat: Building Intentional Leadership in Gifted Learners, Global GT Chat Powered by TAGT, 2018
Building Leadership Capacity in Advanced and Gifted Learners, TAGT Leadership Conference, Frisco, 2018
Dialogue Perspectives: Gender & Sexual Minorities Attending Conservative Colleges, co-presented with Hart, National Symposium on LGBTQ Research in Higher Education, Northern Illinois University, 2017
Strategic Planning for Board, CEC-TAG, University of Western Kentucky, Bowling Green, KY, 2017
Global Competence and the Role of Higher Education, co-presented with Cogdell, International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education, Nashville, 2017
Teaching Special Student Populations in College Classes, Fan the Flame Symposium, HSU, Abilene, 2017
Ethical Considerations in Higher Education Recruitment and Admissions, co-presenter with Holmes, Leadership in Education Conference, 2016
Building Leadership Capacity in Gifted Learners, Gifted Institute, Western Kentucky University, 2016
Assessing Institutional Effectiveness, HSU, 2009
Teaching in the University: Planting Trees in Whose Shades One Will Never Sit, Faculty Conference, HSU, 2007       We’re Off to See the Wizard, HSU Graduation Address, 2007
Responding to the Needs of Honors Program Students, Faculty Conference, HSU, 2006
Teaching and Learning Online, HSU 2004
Perceptions of the University Honors College by Gifted University Students, NAGC Conference, Louisville, 2005
Raising the Bar: Encouraging High Level Thinking in Online Discussions, NAGC Conference, Louisville, 2005
Perceptions of the University Honors College by Gifted University Students, TAGT Conference, Houston, 2003
Case Study of Emergent Leadership in Graduate Student Group Work, AERA, Chicago, 2003

Selected Presentations Related to Gifted Education

Framing Leadership Stories in the Secondary Classroom, TAGT Leadership Conference, June 2020
I’m the Parent of a Gifted Child, Now What?, Birdville and HEB-ISD February 2020
What Really Works: Depth and Complexity in Secondary Advanced Classes, Montgomery ISD February 2020
Writing Curriculum Using the Samara/Curry Model Part II, Grand Prairie ISD, November 2019
Writing Curriculum Using the Samara/Curry Model Part I, Grand Prairie ISD, August 2019
Creativity Testing for Gifted and Talented Students, TAGT Identification and Assessment Summit, Frisco, 2018
Developing Leadership Capacity in Gifted Learners, co-presented with Boswell and Colburn, various school districts, 2016-2018
Panel Discussion: Let’s Talk about Designing and Evaluating Modern Curriculum for Gifted, TAGT Conference, Houston, 2017
30 Clock Hour Training for Teachers of Gifted: Five Day Workshop, various school districts, 2004-2017
Responsive Classrooms: Creating a Culture of School-Wide Differentiation, co-presenter with Crisp, TAGT Leadership and Annual Conference, 2016-2017
Putting Creativity Back into the Classroom, co-presenter with Patton, TAGT Annual Conference, Dallas, 2016
When Bright Kids Make Poor Grades, various school districts, 1999 & 2016
Creative and Critical Thinking, Region III ESC, 2015
Creativity in Rigorous Learning Environments, co-presented with Kingore, NAGC Conference, 2014
Creative and Critical Thinking, Irving ISD, 2013-2014
The Journey of Measuring Higher-Level Thinking, TAGT Talented Conference, Dallas, 2012
Authentic Research: Providing Tools/Skills for the Future, TAGT Conference, Dallas, 2012
Four Perspectives on Critical Thinking and Questioning, Del Rio ISD, 2012
When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All the Answers, various school districts, 2005, 2006, 2012, & 2013
Gifted Children Left Behind, TASB Conference, Fort Worth & San Antonio, 2012-2013
Differentiating Instruction for Gifted Learners, Emerging Scholars Program, CSOTTE Conference, Austin, 2014
Differentiating Instruction for Gifted Learners, various school districts, 2005-2011  

More Examples Available Upon Request