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Program Evaluation

Make sure your organization meets its' goals and outcomes. We help you understand and manage the effectiveness of your educational or leadership programs through program evaluation using strategic initiatives.

strategic Planning

Don't fall victim to "group think" without a clear focus. Our team can work alongside your team to help make decisions for the future of your organization that support quality outcomes.

Virtual Training

If 2020 has taught us anything, we must effectively communicate and train in a virtual environment. We provide engaging, interactive virtual professional development to fit your unique needs.

On-Site Training

We offer on-site training for school districts and businesses looking for engaging programs for development of teams and innovation in their setting.

Summer Enrichment

TH!NK GT Camp offers students the opportunity to challenge themselves in ways normally not provided in the school setting.  Working with other gifted students and master GT teachers, they find a community of learners that supports their passion and interest.  

Leadership Training

Consistent training and coaching of strong leaders builds effective organizations. Through individual mentoring or ongoing leadership development, we offer services for the specific needs of schools, nonprofits, or businesses.

what we do

CGL Consulting Collaborates to Meet Your Leadership and Gifted Education Needs

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CGL Consulting, LLC, can meet those needs and much more. Beginning with program evaluation and strategic planning, we can design services that support your program initiatives through engaging, in person or interactive, virtual environments. Teachers and leaders will experience active learning based on current trends and research that applies to their particular setting. This professional development will impact organizations, educators, students, and programs in profound ways.

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What people Say About mary

"Dr. Mary Christopher is a phenomenal leader who influenced both my personal and professional development. Dr. Christopher provided instruction and guidance as a professor and advisor. I hope to exemplify the same passion and mentorship to others pursuing opportunities in education and leadership."

Tara M. Hart, Ed.D
Vice President for Enrollment & Student Development

"Dr. Christopher did an outstanding job providing a morning of education and connection for parents of gifted students in the Birdville and HEB school districts.  Her expertise provided guidance to our families in parenting gifted learners."

Stacye Onstott
Coordinator of Gifted & Talented Services, Birdville ISD

"I cannot think of a professional mentor who made more of a difference in my life than Dr. Mary Christopher. As a master teacher, she models and inspires quality instruction and wise leadership. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of gifted education allows her to make connections and provide quality training and mentoring that produces long-term improvement and change."

Jennifer Crisp, M.Ed.
Elementary GT Teacher, Abilene ISD

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